Monday, July 9, 2007


So friday/revolver was slammed
and Eric the guest dj killed it and had people
dancing all night. Bad news though,
my camera has decided to tell
me it can't handle the wear & tear of
being in my pocket. So after like 10 shots
it started coming apart. At this
point i will take donations from all you
out there for a new camera, hey it's
the least you can do if your ripping
off my images for your profiles/blogs.
Email me if you want to send donations
and i will send you my address. Money
Orders only please. Enjoy ....

Right about here my camera starts to bleed...

PS: No pics from Sat. since i wasn't out & about


V*Kstro said...

Sorry to hear about your camera, but I don't know, I'm going to need some prove that the flow will go to your new camera. You know... me not knowing you and all.

May I reccomend the Leica C-LUX 2 And if not that... with the pics you take, any one will do!

Joshua M. said...

Well it's not completely broken but the part that pops out to take the pics is coming lose from all the wear and tear. At this rate give it a couple of weeks and it will definit. be in the camera emergency room.