Monday, July 9, 2007


Have you ever wonder what our masked
heroes DAFT PUNK use inside that
massive pyramid when they perform
live? Well here you go.............

Above: Pic of what Daft has inside the big light box


Lazaro Casanova said...

Not really much going on here. They bring the laptops with them before the show which they run ableton live off and use midi sync to make sure both laptops are on same page. 4 moog voyagers which they only use for filters. The midi controller is a Behringer BCR 2000.

Really the closest thing to live here is the word "live" in "ableton live."

Joshua M. said...

i know-i was gona post something saying if anyone wants to know the equipment-just email me. But thks you covered it. yo need to get some tracks from you for my told me you were working on some remixes but i cant remember which ones.