Thursday, July 19, 2007


New FREEGUMS design.......

Above: United poster by FREEGUMS

Here you go straight from WWW.FREEGUMS.COM
This is the Artwork for the new, up-and-coming tradeshow UNITED. Fully hand drawn, scanned and colored in Adobe Illustrator. Believe it or not Alvaro had to re-draw the horizontal one to re-organize it. They printed a bunch of 18″x 24″ posters, Flyers, and Banners for the show. If you happen to be in NY or Las Vegas during the dates, come through, check out the artwork and the new FREEGUMS line. Also be on the lookout for the Limited Run of T-shirts that will be available at the show (FREE). You can checkout the UNITED Tradeshow at:

PS: Freegums is based in MIA

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