Wednesday, July 18, 2007


For all you online vintage shoppers. I met Mel years ago on a visit to San Diego and i can testify that she has been doing the online vintage store thing for awhile now. She even offers old school mixes on her website. It's good to see she is still doing what shes loves and is successfull at it. Thank god for the internet!!! Check out her new vintage arrivals below or go to

Here's a sneak peak at THURSDAY NIGHT'S LISTINGS!! These are just a few new listings!! Sooooo chk out her site!!

New song at Mel's page too!! Check out the rockin' song by ultra fab 70's Turkish singer SELDA!!

Above: New arrivals modeled by Mel herself


Johnny The Boy said...

hah emo babe of the month


Joshua M. said...

shes actually not & i dont know anyone that uses that term anymore johnny (it's 2007!) she likes old school stuff, trust me she knows her records.