Monday, July 9, 2007


Always been a big fan of vans/adidas/converse
over everyone else but lately nike and even
puma are coming out w/some eye catching
sneaks. Check out these new PUMA BASKET
CC sneakers that change color according to
temperature. I still don't know if these will
be exclusive or mass produced.

Above: Small clip of someone testing the color chgs


Lazaro Casanova said...

Already got these. Except mine are called Lab II's.

They turn green when you walk outside because of the extreme heat we live in.

Joshua M. said...


Anonymous said...

my boxers go from white to brown thru the day.

Joshua M. said...

Laz actually owns these and told me its so freakin hot in miami that these sneaks turn completely green when you walk outside. why im i not surprised!