Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Midnight Juggernauts put out this
promo vid for "Into the Galaxy" a
wk or more ago but i decided to
post it anyways since the track
is growing on me. Kinda has
Space Odessey/Bowie/dance

Above" Midnight Juggernauts-Into the Galaxy new PROMO vid


V* said...

This is a GREAT song!!! I have to look more into them. I'm sure you've heard of Cut Copy Just last week I wrote an email about the following music to some friends, which I'm sure you are very familiar with, just wanted to lightly introduce some new stuff to friends all over:


Let me suggest some Electroclash**: aka simply, Electro...

Directly from Brazil CSS this band is big in this genre. THEY ARE GOOD! Great Website Maybe we'll see them @ REVOLVER soon!

THE KLAXONS*** They are going to dominate the genre! a little hardcore dance... in some songs it's like Prodigy had a bloody crash with Oasis... Too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out Gravity's Rainbow!!!!!! And if it's to hard, listen to Golden Skans.

OK, now I have to learn how to play the modular .... also has the better website out all these bands AKA I'm going to fly this guy to Miami for my next b-day party (sure, why not)... It can be a nice gift from Oz, thx!

Ahhhh, The Sounds... my personal favorite... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! and I'm not only saying this about the lead singer... If you like The Sounds, then you have to like all the above!!!! and The Gossip!

DANCE DANCE DANCE ROCK!!!!! a la NYC!!!!!!!!

The Gossip also is GREAT!!!!! one of my favorites!

And for the moment.... the band that takes the price in this genre FOR ME is New Young Pony Club***

There is a lot more....
-The Knife from Sweden >>>> as are The Sounds
-Hotchip >>> Like Postal Service on..... [anything].
-The Presets >>> Aussie music scene is just too good! GREAT WEBSITE!
-The Avalanches >>> Geniuses!!!!!!
-Hadoukenuk*** Pretty Hardcore!

Also, The Rentals @ Revolution 09/05/2007!!! EP out Aug. 14th! We cannot miss this... for those of you who forgot who they were/are, you'll remember when you listen to Friends of P. Matt Sharp put the moog modular to use, and his little fluke first album became a big success in 95. Weezer was not the same after Matt left.


"...when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life..."

***In 2006 The Kaxons, New Young Pony Club, Hadouken! and Shitdisco are said to start a new genre, New Rave, which developed in the UK.

J, don't forget about The Tipping Point

Joshua M. said...

Malcolm Gladwell identifies three types of people who have the power to produce social epidemics:

Connectors: Those with wide social circles. They are the "hubs" of the human social network and responsible for the small world phenomenon.

Mavens: are knowledgeable people. While most consumers wouldn't know if a product were priced above the market rate by, say, ten per cent, mavens would. Bloggers who detect false claims in the media could also be considered mavens.

Salesmen: are charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills. They exert "soft" influence rather than forceful power. Their source of influence may be the tendency of others, subconsciously, to imitate them rather than techniques of conscious persuasion.