Thursday, July 5, 2007


This was my original vision of how i
wanted the stage set up for Justice
when they played for me at REVOLVER/FIXED
Miami (Studio a) Last yr. during WMC. The guys at
supermafia hooked up this show in switzerland
with amazing visuals on stage.
So nxt time people listen up when
i tell you "put them on the stage"

Above: JUSTICE (Live) in switzerland -visuals by supermafia


V* said...

You know Josh.... the more I look into your blog, the better it gets. There is really no need for me to create mine, even though it's in the works.
I was about to write to you about the movie Control, but I decided to look at your labels, and there it was.
Also noticed "IF YOU'RE IN LONDON" post... Great poster/flyer!You also have Interpol's sample clips!
Inspiring + influential bits & pieces! Thxs! Also, pleased to see that Gladwell got your attention!


Anonymous said...

Ya, that stage is ok.....but you know what was great about the Justice show you did....the smaller side stage brought them closer to the people and the crowd and them were loving it...there was Busy, Mehdi, Justice, SoMe and a bunch of groupies all packed into that console and it was freakin FUN!!!

If you have ideas about vizuals..i would love 2 help.....

Anonymous said...

i didnt enjoy as much as digitalism, partly beacause, well I COULDNT SEE THEM!

Joshua M. said...

v..thks for the good feedback. whenever your blog is up and running let me know i definit. want to read and support it!!!!

Joshua M. said...

i agree,the view for everyone in general would have been better from the stage. nxt time!!!!