Sunday, July 15, 2007


So friday at Revolver we had guest dj Klever from ATL on deck he brought Craze along to support. Klever got the crowd goin crazy, here are some pics of friday and of the afterparty on the beach. Bronques will soon have the X Rated version on the afterparty pics!

Above: A few photo snaps at revolver

Above: Afterparty for more go to:

SATURDAY i took the journey to boca (45 mins north of Miami)
to see Morissey live in concert. Bad news is i arrived at 9: 15 which means i missed 4 of his songs. Now that wasn't the worst. When we arrive we hope this seating arrangement at Mizner is actually organized. Since i had never heard of seating at Mizner-Guess what? it was a mess with no attendants in aisles to figure out where people should sit or not sit. And some seats were not even numbered and if they were it was on tape stuck on to some home depot bought/rented chairs. So hats off to the idiot that decided Mizner should have seating. Retard your venue is attached to a mall and draws the worst crowds.

As i looked around it looked like the majority of the fans were 40+ or 50+. Which to be honest isn't so off, Morrissey was in a band called the Smiths and they did surface in the 80's. But jesus come on, if you looked around it seemed none of these people had ever been influenced by Morrissey/The Smiths. Too many piercings, flip flops and bad tattoos, then again i was in Boca.

Oh yeah and hats off to the guy next to us that yelled "Morrissey you suck" throughout the entire show, your a winner guy you paid $75 dollars to yell at him and also to the people smoking weed. Who the hell smokes weed at a Morrissey concert? God only in Mizner! Due to the seating disorganization, i only took a few shots of Morrissey, but i mainly took pics of the stage & backdrop. Morrissey never fails on the amazing backdrops for his concerts, James Dean graced this one.
Scrool down for pics and set list....

PS: Thanks lauren for the ticket

Above: Moz's backdrops (James Dean)

Above: Additional pics by Gary Coronado

Morrissey set list:

1. The Queen is Dead
2. The Last of the Famous International Playboys
3. In the Future When All’s Well
4. You Have Killed Me
5. Disappointed
6. The National Front Disco
7. Let Me Kiss You
8. Girlfriend in a Coma
9. Every Day Is Like Sunday
10. All You Need Is Me
11. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
12. First of the Gang to Die
13. I Will See You in Far Off Places
14. That’s How People Grow Up
15. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
16. Irish Blood, English Heart
17. At Last I Am Born
18. Life Is a Pigsty
19. How Soon is Now?

20. You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side


V*Kstro said...

Boca >>> Morrisey = bad stupid crowd (to say the least). And this is one of the reasons I guess other bands do not even think about South Florida on their N. American Tour. Such as Stars (i can name a shit load)! Listen to "Take Me To the Riot", MAJORRRRR Smiths influence! MP3 link on my blog) Really... THE REASON is because album sales. Too many fucking reagatton sold in miami!!!

Joshua M. said...

I can say this from experience since i have booked numerous bands in the past. The main reason is because of distance and routing. Most bands via their agents will get booked in random spot in the midwest with not the coolest crowds, but the fact that it's easier to route makes it an easier sell. Another major factor is venues, Miami lacks a variety in love music venues. The good new is LIVE NATION is currently booking acts in miami in venues like Studio A, and soon Jackie Gleason. Hence why you are seeing all these acts coming through MIA now. Give it time, LIVE NATION are the big boys and they are gonna continue bringing us national acts as long as the bands are willing. Album sales do play an important factor but with the records industry going to shit, more and more band count on touring for profits.

PS: If i have to see a concert in FLORIDA the best crowds are in mia. Key words "IF IN FLORIDA"

Joshua M. said...

I forgot to add i had the stars come down to play for me yrs ago, they are great!

V*Kstro said...

Cannot believe I missed Stars! Studio A is always great and intimate, seen a lot of live bands there, thx to you! The Bank United Center is also great! Revolution and Culture Room are the best! Like what are you doing with UK bands on your blog...

PS: digitalism post was great! never did like the "new rave" label! BTW, Feist has a mix with Vanshe Tech. it's beautiful!

Cris said...

Now you know what kind of fucks i went to high school with.

Joshua M. said...

Chris i feel for you!