Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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Review by the man JEFF STAPLE....
Microsoft Surface held a little demonstration at the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday. I got to play with it first hand. My opinion? Don't believe the hype. From the videos I saw, I thought this was the equivalent to a table sized iPhone. No, no, and no. This is some hokey, sideshow trick. Its basically 5 cameras tucked under a table "looking" and "reacting" to your movements. That ain't dope. You might as well put a little person in there and have him do the same thing. Because of the cameras, they can never do this as a flat screen. The iPhone screen is true finger sensitive technology. Not a bunch of cameras looking at your movements. Also, if this takes off, chronic back fatigue will be the new carpal tunnel syndrome. You have to be constantly hunched over when using this. This will never replace the mouse and keyboard. Who the fuck wants to wave their arms around at work for 8 hrs a day? Everyone in the future is gonna have huge biceps and triceps. For more info on the MICROSOFT SURFACE go to

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