Thursday, June 14, 2007


So after mths of debating w/lauren on whether miami would catch on to the high waisted wave i will concede defeat to lauren.
It looks like it might start spreading like aids soon in MIA. Hats off to Lauren for sticking to her guns!!!! PS: Some people from a local magazine had approached Ms. Lauren mths back on doing a blurb on high waisted jeans-i guess they couldn't find enough ladies sporting them at the time other then Lauren in MIA. Hence i never saw the blurb/pic published. Oh Miami

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Above: Recent pic of local Miami friend sporting the highwaisted shorts & looking mighty nice. You officially receive
the silver medal!

Above: CHLOE SEVIGNY vid educating on high-waisted jeans.


Anonymous said...

dont concede defeat just yet...

is the style really catching on in miami or is contained to a small group of friends and family???

would love to see more pics around there gonna be a local street fashion sectin of this blog


Joshua M. said...

who cares if it does, Miami is slow on everything. if it does hit the main stream masses, by then paris, london, nyc, la, etc...will be moving on to the nxt fashionable trend.

PS: i have seen several people already in miami sporting them for mths-mostly trend setters or
people that keep up with fashion outside FL.