Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Featured Artist: Alavaro IIizarde of FREEGUMS.....
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In my ongoing mission to feature people that are actually cool in miami i have decided to feature local artist Alvaro IIizarde. He has been at it for yrs and his work has been featured in countless magazines local and nationally. Here is some info on my neighbor Alvaro. FREEGUMS!!!!!!

Bio: Black and Negrito. Jamakingmelazy, one color. Clip Art, Freestyle music from Hialeah, Jammin’ Johny Caribe tearing it up. Optical Illusion Art. Solid Handshakes. February 11, 1981 Peruvian Designer by day, Jaccuzzi boy by N.I.G.H.T. CP+B Jaccuzzi Boyz Club, 2 Dicks and 1 Asshole. Miami Crew, Can’t Knock the hustle. KENDALL country clubs. A for effort.

Below: Pic of one of Alvaro's t-shirt designs.
Chk out more t's/artwork/collections/fan mail at: WWW.FREEGUMS.COM

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PS: Above tshirt was designed for the DIM MAK Collection (Sup!!!) Pic by: WWW.LASTNIGHTSPARTY.COM

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