Tuesday, June 12, 2007


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If you live in Miami you know that our options for buying items we like is limited, especially if you like anything remotely fashionable. But for years now BASE has maintained it's ground as a institution to Miami's lack luster shopping options (For guys atleast). Base recently expanded and opened up a sister store BASE ANNEX right next to DESIGN WITHIN REACH (Which i will feature soon for all you minimal furn. freaks like me). On this blog i will feature select items from local stores. Here is some hype taken from WWW.BASEWORLD.COM

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Contemporary Portraiture has been invaded by amateurs, that is everybody with a camera phone or the like has been snapping and downloading portraits of anyone and everyone. The true art of the portrait remains in the hand of professionals of course, as they are the only ones who have an eye for composition and can imbue the image with the true personality of the subject. Two Faced celebrates these pros, one by showcasing the current works of today's best, and two by allowing them to produce each other's portraits, allowing for some ingenious results. This excellent book is the perfect guide for anyone interested in the ever changing world of portriature. Go to www.baseworld.com for info on how to pick up this book.

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