Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So a couple weeks back my friend Alex was visting from Nyc i told him to meet me at a local party The Attic. We caught up and kicked it. He told me about his other band "This is ivy league" and said possibly soon their vid would be up all over the internet. To my surprise i found this today. Good job alex. Alex aren't you glad you left boca?

Above: This Is Ivy League- London Bridges vid

PS: Alex's other band is Cobra Starship...and?

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V*Kstro said...

thanks alex! !@#%&* great find! loving this is ivy league! also, recommended, the sea and cake & especially the clientele, which reminds me of luna and of course dean & britta.

ok ok ok, as i write this i'm just recalling that galaxie 500 did a cover of "ceremony" thanks to this post i'm finger-shuffling through my CD's, luna & galaxie 500 are going in my car tomorrow! (just thought i over-share a bit). thx again!

funny... cobra starship...
"come on bring it, i'm ready for it"