Monday, October 1, 2007


Since i posted Michel Gondry commercial project i have decided to post another well known director's pay day commercial. Writer/Director David Lynch (Eraserhead/Mulholland Dr/Lost Highway/Twin Peaks) just did a Gucci ad full of models & some Heart of Glass (Blondie). The commercial doesn't say much, then again it is a perfume ad.

Above: Gucci by Gucci directed by David Lynch

Above: Behind the scenes of the commercial

PS: Lynch also created the Calvin Klein Obession ads/commericials from the 80's


Anonymous said...

it's post like this that makes this one of the freshest blogs in Miami!!!!

It would be great to have a party as swanky as that commercial!!!

Joshua M. said...

in regards to the swank party ala commercial style, the closest i have to come to a event that remotely resembles such was the marc jacobs christmas party in gotham hall in nyc last year (amazing!)

Anonymous said...

ya should start throwing experimental parties....we know know what to expect from Thurs/Fri nite, but what if there was a night that we did know what to expect.....or knew only a week in advance and the the entire week is filled with anticipation...?

Anonymous said...

typoe>>>a night we **DIDNT know what to expect

Joshua M. said...

Yeah not sure if you want to open up that box. If i go into my desection of this city and whats wrong with it from the fashion to the city night life then we could be here for days. But let me say this the people that think they are cool are not, 90% would not even be able to get into a swank/experimental (experimental isn't the right word but i will go with it since we are using it in this disscusion) event in nyc/la/paris etc..Another side of the coin, the ones with the money (club/venue owners/mgrs/etc...)w/and ability to financially back up swank & creative ventures are clueless on the hip tip (yes i said hip-i'm keeping this simple for the masses) Hence why the money bags hire someone like me to inject diff eyes into events (not just parties) BUT the problem is it all boils down to profits to these pimps, most moneybags will put financial restraints on creativity. I SHOULD KNOW!

V*Kstro said...

1st, Mr. Lynch is one of the best surreal directors out there, AND i know sometimes it's a cliche to mention "Blue Velvet" as a fav (same thing happens with Joy Division) but i have to give credit where it is do, especially if it's his best work.

2nd, you are correct... one could spend all night and several days dissecting this city and the "hip" factor. moneybags will never see the creative vision and the time it takes to genarate a buzz/following/epidemic, or at least the kind to support a "swank/experimental" event. they look for immediate gratification... leading to an immediate DISsatisfaction. miami will always have moneybags paying you to make their establishment look stylish or have that worldly "in style" appeal. and if they ever do get their hip on, not enough people will be able to fill up the place (at least not the correct ones). this is where people/artists make a difference AND SOME HOW EARN LESS, and therefore miami is what it is...

prediction... marc jacobs will bring one of his big holiday parties to miami (sooner or later)... at least will have people from nyc/la/paris etc..

m a y b e . . . NO... i'm sticking with my prediction

Joshua M. said...

"miami will always have moneybags paying you to make their establishment look stylish or have that worldly "in style" appeal. and if they ever do get their hip on, not enough people will be able to fill up the place (at least not the correct ones)." Sounds great when it comes from someone else's mouth. Agreed.

as for the yrly christmas marc party its staying in nyc the offices are there and it would make no sense to bring it down here were 5% of miamians even know or wear his garments. They dont feel naked enough! haha

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying the parties since SOHO....I think the first live show i saw was Soviet..they rocked and ever since i've become a revolver'er.

Ya there are alot of boo-bee heads in mimai, From money bags down to the young wannabe socialites.

The bottom line is that the creatives silently control the flow of things to come!!! Actually the streets influence the creatives but it all filters down eventually. The downstairs of SET is pretty polished, maybe even swank....but there are maybe 10% of the right people.....THATS OK...there will never be 100% or even 50% of the right people in that kind of environment...its all about interaction?

Plus there are so many places closed on Sun-Weds that any venue should be happy to want to "experiment". One quick, and cheap, that came to mind from that commercial was to have a party and the only way girls could get in is by wearing long Satin Dresses...but not in vein it would come with a complimenry glass of Champagne?!?! Look good, feel good.


Maybe Champagne toast at the top of each hour. Be more vocal, more of a MC.....Glowsticks are not enough.

Without any you have any party/events planned for ArtBasel?