Monday, October 8, 2007


Arcade Fire's Neon Bible album has been our for awhile now, but they just released this interactive vid for " Neon Bible". The vid hit the internet days ago, but it's definit. worth posting. Incase your not sure what interactive means: When the vid starts click on ANY THING and it movies , his face, hands, words's a great vid. And its similar to their website which also always you to be interactive. Not sure why they waited till Oct. to release this vid click below and have fun! Click the link below:



V*Kstro said...

digged it the 1st time! one has to see it twice to appreciate it. great choice of video for a short song. as you said in your Hives' post, "thank God for the internet".

MTV...? huh? what?

Joshua M. said...

yeah the arcade fire vid at first didnt impress me, until i started to play with it more and more...