Monday, October 29, 2007


It sucks i finally have something to write about and it's about one of my fav labels closing down.
It's Halloween all the dark stuff is at fault, yeah right we all know the record industry is taking it in the ass.

GSL for the clueless, was home to The Locust, The Faint, Gogogo Airheart, !!!, Le Shok, and countless other greats. Some known and others unknown but just as great. The label started in 93 and later moved to Berkley, San Diego & Los Angeles. Here is a brief paragraph taken from WWW.GOLDSTANDARDLABS.COM on the reasons why things went downhill. Read on...

"October 2007 marks the 14th anniversary of GSL's first release. Between that time and now, we've had some incredible opportunities, worked with some exceptional artists, and weathered our fair share of highs and lows. In recent years, we've experienced the onset of factors that have seriously limited our ability to maintain what we feel is the essence of the label; the experimental attitude and artistic freewheeling of times past are simply no longer sustainable. Rather than compromise our goals and beliefs, or allow our course to be charted by financial constraint and an industry in flux, we've decided the time has come for GSL to cease releasing new music, and to close this chapter of our story. We've spent the better part of the past year considering this decision. The recent passing of Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, whose singular example and influence on GSL cannot be understated, came as something of a cosmic reinforcement of our instinctual belief that GSL's time has come and gone. The fact that the original Factory Records itself lasted just 14 years may only be a coincidence, although we choose to see it differently. If one day the right opportunity presents itself, who knows, GSL may re-emerge. Only time will tell. In the meantime, most of our back catalog will continue to be available both physically and online; from now on mailorder will be in the hands of Redeye Distribution/"



Anonymous said...

thats really sad, for everyone, but at least they didnt sell out

V*Kstro said...

it's always sad to read about this. i know there is so much crap happening out there in the music biz, but when i see this i always wonder if the label going out did all it could to stay... i mean when i read "If one day the right opportunity presents itself"... it just seems that they are cutting them selves short. you know as soon as they lost !!!, The Locust and THE FAINT, it was all down hill. well, lets hope that the right opportunity comes quicker than later. GOOD LUCK GSL!