Wednesday, October 24, 2007


No The Kills are not a new band, but since i posted a pic of the goddess (previous post), Alison Mosshart of band The Kills i felt a mention of her band was needed or atleast some visual/audio appreciation. We are all connected in some way or another, right? God i hope so!

Above: The Kills - Love is a deserter Vid

Above: The Kills-No Wow vid

PS: I saw The Kills years back live and it was problaby one of the best live shows i had ever seen.

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V*Kstro said...

busy huh? i know how it goes... ahhh, The Kills! yes, and a good mention indeed! you probably have heard of them, but check out The Answering Machine's new video... another Hedi Slimane liked band. gotta love videos with simple lightbulb effects.