Monday, October 1, 2007


Exhibition "From the Street to the Night", from 1st to 3rd November

Featuring: Amy Arbus, Bob Colacello, Hans Eijkelboom, The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, Cobra Snake, MisShapes, Alistair Allan, Marco dos Santos, Jeremy Kost, Facade... In 2002, colette presented the show Stars & Styles with Self Service magazine, revealing through the pictures made by Gauthier Gallet, Roxanne Lowit or Jessica Craig-Martin the new image of the “social photography”.Today, colette continues its diving into this iconography by opening itself to the daily photography blogs era – kind of capsule of the time from day to day, or night by night. Propelled by the digital technology within reach all, photography is more immediate than ever, without complex, neither constraint. The blogs and webzines “home-made” multiplying, everyone becomes a paparazzi. in the streets, in clubs, in private evenings, on fashion shows, between friends, in front of celebrities,the new portrait painter is everywhere and he has to be quick.
That’s easy as the model perfectly knows how to take the pose. Everybody poses, everybody shoots. Everybody has a camera, everybody drawn it faster than any other high-tech accessory, but the reak talent to get the good frame, the good light, the good eye stays rare. Some of them control their art, with a very personal, recognizable style among so many others. Some others maybe simulate the natural looking reconstituting a subtle scenography, a forced pose which looks like a spontaneous gesture there. But it is not important. Often, the image is only intended to be seen a few minutes on a blog. The main goal is while playing the role of a witness of his generation by its choices and its glance, the photographer-blogueur also becomes an influencer of tomorrow’s trends. For more info: WWW.COLETTE.FR

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