Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Most of my recent post have been based on music, which i find is the only real exciting thing on the internet lately or worth spreading even more. God knows locally there isn't much excitement.
Rework are a german band very minimal beats layered with a more narrative sound then anything else. I like it though and eventhough at times she (Sascha Hedgehog) sounds like she can't sing it doesn't really matter since it doesn't come across like she is trying to or cares to. I haven't heard the full length yet but i'm digging the tracks on their myspace profile: I Want To Be Like & Love Love Love Yeah. Remixes would be cool to hear soon!!!!

Sorry didn't post the mp3, bo-ho make the effort if your curious and chk out their sites!



Anonymous said...

yea...i have to agree...the music scene here is pretty dead...but not because of the artist. it's the audience that sucks. the last few decent shows that i've been to were Battles and Tigercity....2 new York bands that stopped by Studio A. Battles had a pretty decent size crowd and they f*n rocked but the audience seemed doped. Tigercity was also talented but there were literaly 15-20 people there. No wonder the there is so few and far between great bands stopping by.....it seems only during event weeks, when they bring their fans with them that shit happens. I saw Afrobeta for the first time last week and was impressed by this lil nymph that belts like bjork....you mutherf*krs better support them before they runaway from Miami!!!WAKE UP YOU PUSSIES.

Anonymous said...

incase you didnt read all the way through the last comment....WAKE UP YOU PUSSIES!

V*Kstro said...

this trio is really GOOD! love the base lines! nice wake up call anonymous. now if i can only get my alarm clock to say that.

Joshua M. said...

four voices are better then one: WAKE UP YOU PUSSIES!!! Miami is very spoiled, alot of people feel everything should be free, free cover, free liquour, free this , free that. Half of them aren't even old enough to be owed a single thing. There is also just a general lack of music taste makers here, it's like no one has a clue about half the shit i personally talk about concerning bands. in other cities its just not like that, its been like this for years here and god knows it can make anyone move fast just to feel like they are part of the rest of the metropolitan world.

ps: as for the recent shows, battles had a good turnout and yeah the crowds here are on the lame side. in defense to miami its better then anywhere else in florida. as for tigecity sorry. that was just due to shitty promotions. we all know the story there.