Sunday, September 9, 2007


It must suck to lose sight of what you were at one point? Enjoy

Above: The Cure-Primary Vid


V*Kstro said...

Ouch! Sorry Mr. Smith. What ever happened?

Joshua M. said...

after "WIsh" everything went down hill for the cure. the 90's in general had many bands of this genra: depeche mode, the cure, r.e.m, etc...going arena style on us. What was once called alternative or college rock pretty much became pop rock or just rock as many music stores started adding these bands to their shelves. It's funny i remember a time when i could only get smiths, cure, depeche mode music via mail or via select stores that catered to my subculture and trust me it was rare. Can't deny albums like Violator by the Depeche Mode & Wish by The Cure where to commercially good to keep away from the masses, BUT what the bands did after that is what they are guilty of. Both bands including god awful REM have put out real garbage since the above mentioned albums. It's a shame the pioneers of what bacame the whored out label "INDIE" are now just memories. God makes you wonder if MORRISSEY did the right thing & ended things when he did. Just like the PIXIES and others THE JAM etc...etc...etc...

V*Kstro said...

At any giving point (it seemed) they wanted to make it "big", either by them or the pressure of the record companies. I don't think they knew the consequences of falling into the arena realm of things. Bands now have to KNOW what they want and not be another mass product to sell. I’m not sure you like Radiohead, but Yorke’s friendship to Stipe benefited from REM’s experience. This is why Radiohead (one of the many reasons) decided to release Kid A and Amnesiac was to shake off mainstream followers. Bands have to be more experimental and not get mediocre, and the bands mentioned (my top influential bands)……. sorry to say, did not know how to manage the record labels (such as Interpol) and furthermore did not know how to deal with the forced creativity that was imposed due to their success. Besides the music influences DM, The Cure, REM, New Order, and many others have on many bands today, these bands also serve as mentors on how NOT to deal with record labels. Lets hope the bands that are now emerging and signed on with major labels (such as Interpol) know how their outcome and legacy will prevail.

On the same note, Klaxons just praised David Bowie as their biggest influence, as well as Brian Eno, due to their diverse styles. Goes to show that Klaxons will be as diverse as many bands, but will have the same challenges as all of them, especially with their triumph debut album. Credit to those who have managed all the scrutiny by critics and fans and made it this far. As much as I love The Pixies (my top 5), The Jam, My Bloody Valentine, though I understand why, I think they had a lot more to give and to end it all for whatever reasons it’s just not right. I believe there is still hope for those who turned into the arena venue; hopefully they will find their way back to what truly inspired them… MUSIC!

On another note… MORRISSEY will close his US tour in Miami @ The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater Nov 8!!!!!

Joshua M. said... posting abunch of stuff on my blog and the new dates on the moz tour was gonna be one of my post. we must be checking the same sources.

As for this post regarding dm, the cure, rem, and since you mentioned new order. i agree with you about the music always staying fresh & the record company stuff you said. but my point & personal opinion is that since the mid 90's (and trust me i can mention every last good album all these bands had) none of them have produced anything decent or credible. As for -if they should have retired or kept on pumping out garbage was and is up to every band. But like i said bands like the smiths, the jam, my bloody, have their integrity intact. And now since "alternative/college rock" or as they call it now "indie rock" is 25% mainstream, half these band could now reunite if their jegacy permits and play coachella or tour with respect. And guess what? they didn't have to put out a one bad record from the 90's till now like their counterparts. i feel its not just about giving, especially if your going to give us "shitty records".

To even the field i also feel people like Bowie, the Stones and others should have already hung up their coats. its embarrassing and they definit. dont need the money. To be clear i feel there is nothing with touring (unless your 60+ you might hurt yourself) but to continue to put out garbage after leaving your imprint on music history is just awful.

97's "I'm afraid of Americans" Come on Bowie, please it hurts!!!!

V*Kstro said...

true! laughing... you hit that well!

Joshua M. said...



sorry for the many typos, the luxury of blogs.