Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Above: The Hideouts pic

The Hideouts are from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was formed in July 2005 by Thomas A (vocal & guitar), Phillip S (drums) and latest Jens B (bass). The Hideouts are currently working on an self-released EP which is expected to be released end of 2007. With bands like Arcade Fire & Modest Mouse infiltrating the bloodstream of popular music a band like The Hideouts will definit. make heads turn (or ears).

Above: The Hideouts-Fire Out Vid



V*Kstro said...

this is what i'm talking about! music wise, they sound GREAT! highpoint: at 1:11 thru the vid. also, "HANG THE DJ", have it, (home made). I have to say, they sound a bit like Arcade Fire (which i dig).

Joshua M. said...

the arcade similarity i can hear...