Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Above: Havana Guns pic (and no they have nothing to do w/cuba thank god)

Havana Guns formed in late 2004, in East London, they released a limited 7" single on the small Cigarette Music label in Feb 2005. Distro. was limited but they received world-wide attention (U.K atleast) and got played on late-night Indie radio programmes like Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ. Their sound has been compared to The Velvet Underground, The Supremes, The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order. The UK music paper NME called them "..Blondie for the Libertines generation". Thanks Last FM!

Above: Havana Guns N.Y.C.S Vid.



V*Kstro said...

What da...!!?? Love it!

Anonymous said...

Where were you all on Monday Night??? Apparently nobody bothered to show up to Studio A to see Tigercity.......too bad, they were tight. WAKE UP MIAMI!!!!!!

Arielle said...

hey cool discovery, thanks!

Joshua M. said...

your welcome arielle. they have been around for awhile but never really went anywhere. the virgins are really good too...check them out!!!

Joshua M. said...

to anonymous?

i had family obligations on monday..its a shame monday was not busy. the venue doesnt want to go through the proper channels to promote events in miami so thats their fault. the visiting bands suffer in the end.