Friday, September 21, 2007


It's funny i was just having a discussion with my friend Bronques on music and what i grew up listening to. Guns and Roses came up. And i said i never owned a single GNR record to this date nor Nirvana. He was surprised, and said "what you don't like sweet child of mine" i said i play bands like gnr & nirvana at my parties but i never grew up liking those bands. (somewhere out there someone is plotting my death). I pointed out to Bronques that i was soley into The Smiths, Joy Division, Pixies etc..the discussion lead to Suede and how great their first album was. The reason i mention all this is because right after i started looking through the internet for interesting things. Ironically i came accross this movie trailer for none other then Kurt Cobain the icon of american angst rock. Point is regardless if i like the band this trailer looks great and looks to be a promising movie. Kurt narrates the movie from old footage that was never released. Check out the movie, you dont have to be a Nirvana fan.

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V*Kstro said...

From GNR to Suede!!!!

This sounds like conversations I have with my friend Ozzie. We go back and fourth on music and bands and which ones we hate and love. It’s almost like a scene from “High Fidelity”.

One day I’m listening to GNR on my satellite radio which I let him know via text, he text me back letting me know that he’s unable to picture me listening to; out of all their songs… “Rocket Queen”! I knew that was the reaction I was going to get from him. The thing with Oz is that HE GETS IT! He knows when to put my indie-loving, mainstream-hater in place and go a few rounds on what we love; as well as point out what we do not take in account in music in any genre. Oz and I have similar taste in music and even though he leans towards the harder stuff, we manage to trade a lot of music and can both come up with a playlist unlike any other… for any venue. Sooner or later he’ll give in on writing something for my blog (he’s almost done with his journalistic studies). You guys would have gone a few healthy rounds on your “Remember” post on The Cure (his favorite band).

But I digress… even though I’m not a fan of GNR, I grew up around friends that loved them and have have respected my friends taste as I was always going against the grain, and looking back at Axl and band, he was a great front man, made music that sold and no matter what we think of GNR, they truly rocked. As for Nirvana… I’ll just include myself as another fan!