Thursday, August 23, 2007


Tonight we dance like animals.......

So here are some facts about tonights party:

1) Yes there is an open bar upstairs (11-12)

2) Yes Vice magazine will be in full effect w/Lesly Arfin

3) Yes the party will be slammed

4) Yes you will get rejected at the door if you look like shit

5) Yes your chances of getting into the party increase if you:

a) arrive between 11-12

b) walk in with me (no dont ask unless i offer first)

6) Yes you will get tons of vodka poured down your throat
if you stand 2 feet from me.

7) Yes you will meet the one you love, or atleast drool over
the extremely attractive women or boy.

8) Yes you won't remember a thing tomorrow

9) Yes you will pose for peter (
in some "lesbian pose" or "typical ass grabbing pose"
blame it on the drinks.

10) Yes you will text me all night to come to the door to get you
in. little do you know at that point i will be thinking "if only they would have read point 3, 4 & 5"

11) Yes we will do it again next week

See you tonight!

YEAH i'm reposting this vid by THIEVES LIKE US, I dig the song alot and it's a great warm up for tonight!!!!!

Above: Thieves Like Us - Drugs in my Body Vid


V*Kstro said...

unnnbelievable, couldn't make it! loved the facts! i'm sure all went great, with the exception of those who did not read the facts

sure you know this... Kitsune releases comp numero 4 (which is actually their seventh compilation)end of nov. IN THE STATES!!!!

Joshua M. said...

yeah the kitsune shit is tight! yeah last night was insane!!!